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Garage Floor Repairs & Leveling In Houston

You can’t ignore that bump under the tires when you pull in and out of the garage. As you step out of the car and onto the garage floor, you hear a hollow sound underfoot. What used to be a few hairlines are turning into a network of cracks across the concrete. When your garage floors starts to show its age, it’s time to call Stabilicore Foundation Repair. We offer expert concrete garage floor repair to homeowners in Houston and throughout Harris County.

Innovative Garage Floor Leveling

Here on the Gulf Coast, tropical rains followed by long dry spells cause our expansive soil to shift under home foundations. You see the results in garage floor cracks, and you hear it when you step on voids under the concrete. While some garage floor repair services try to solve these problems with epoxy surface fills and seals, our innovative concrete garage floor repair addresses both soil and concrete issues. We level your garage floor with a special drill-and-inject process that delivers and builds a stable polyurethane base beneath the concrete. As the compound cures, it generates a hydraulic lift that restores the level of your garage floor.

Garage Floor Repair in Just Hours

Unlike traditional concrete work spanning days or weeks, our garage floor repairs only take a few hours from start to finish. As we work across the floor, our injected geopolymer compound quickly cures and seals the underside of cracks. It also compresses soil underneath the concrete delivering permanent stability and support. Our techniques lift and realign areas along walls and steps, and we restore a smooth transition between your driveway and garage entrance. When we’re finished, your garage floor is level and ready to use right away.

Affordable Benefits That Last

Traditional garage floor leveling and patch jobs are expensive and time-consuming. On average, our unique process is 80 percent faster, and that means big savings on every project regardless of size. Compared to most concrete garage floor repairs, Houston homeowners save as much as 75 percent with our industry-proven services. Our polyurethane compound is moisture resistant, so you enjoy a permanently restored, stable garage floor that holds up to our south Texas climate while it supports family traffic and your heaviest storage needs. If you’ve thought about turning the garage into a new room addition, you can start that conversion the same day we finish repairs.

Our Expertise at Your Service

We take pride in offering Houston homeowners the best concrete garage floor repair available. Garage floor problems can be signs of home foundation issues, so we offer free inspections, and we always provide written estimates. Our experience here on the Gulf Coast covers residential and commercial properties as well as industrial and municipal sites, and we focus that expertise on your garage floor repair. When we take care of your project, you know that your problem is being solved by the best in the business.

Stabilicore brings more than 30 years of solid industry experience to concrete garage floor repair in Houston every day, and we back all of our work with solid warranties. Our garage foundation repair services ensure that you enjoy smooth parking on an attractive concrete floor that holds up for the lifetime of your property. Just give our teams a call today at (281) 259-8647 or contact us online for a free inspection and written quote.

A Leader of Concrete Garage Floor Repair Services In Texas

Stabilicore is headquartered in Magnolia, Texas and serves residential clients throughout the great state of Texas. As a full-service foundation and concrete repair company, we provide professional garage floor repair services in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, and all other areas across the state of Texas.