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Foundation Services Header

Residential Foundation Repair

Residential HouseOver the years, we have worked on virtually every kind of foundation, for families with all different types of needs and we've learned a lot about both. So, when you have a structural problem and choose us to resolve it, we approach the task of repairing your home not as a job, but as an important responsibility.


Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial BuildingPolyurethane is second to none in cost for commercial foundation repair. In most cases, high tunneling cost or property downtime is a deal killer. Stabilicore can raise your foundation and put you back in business within hours and without ever knowing a repair took place. Stabilicore works with a number of structural engineers, property managers, and business owners to repair all types and sizes of projects. Polyurethane replaces the need to use traditional methods of mudjacking.


Industrial Foundation Repair

View gas processing factory.Stabilicore provides industrial concrete rehabilitation capabilities to various industrial plants across the Southern region and beyond. We have an incredible staff, from project managers and hands-on supervisors, to quality control and safety coordinators, all offering support and expertise, and we will provide the best team for your particular needs. Whether it be flatwork concrete drives, underground infrastructure repair, or leveling heavy machinery, Stabilicore can fit your needs.


Municipal Foundation Repair

Oxygen aeration of sewage water. Blue air pipelinesStabilicore offers municipal rehabilitation ranging from underground reinforced concrete pipe to under sealing dams and levees. Read more about the basic premise behind how polyurethane can seal, stabilize, and lift your civil infrastructure needs.


DOT Foundation Repair

elevated express way at night timeHigh Density Polyurethane pavement restoration is an effective solution for extending the life of the concrete pavement. The diminished sub-base support at the joints causes a pumping action when traffic passes over the distorted slabs traffic passes over the distorted slabs, which can lead to loose incompressible fines underneath the ends, a rough ride for vehicular traffic and eventual cracking at the slab ends.