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Foundation Drainage System & Correction Service

With elevations averaging 43 feet above sea level and flat terrains covered with expansive soil, it’s easy to understand why Houston landscapes develop drainage problems. Heavy rains flood yards, channel around home foundations and erode washouts along patios, pools and driveways. As a foundation repair company, Stabilicore Foundation Repair offers expert drainage correction services in Houston that provide permanent solutions for protecting home foundations and preserving landscapes.

Surface and Subsurface Drain Differences

Homeowners often ask us if surface or subsurface drains are best for their property. The answer depends on the lay of your landscape and the type of drainage problems that you need to solve. Surface catch basins and drainage grates work well in most yard settings while surface channel drains are effective for controlling washouts around paved areas. However, heavy rainfall can overwhelm and clog surface drain systems. Their performance depends on precise location and professional installation, and they aren’t designed to protect foundations.

Defending Your Home’s Base

Subsurface French drains are an excellent choice for addressing residential drainage problems. They protect your home’s foundation, and they also work well in areas of the yard that are prone to ponding after heavy rains. We install these systems by laying perforated pipe in a slightly sloped trench filled with rock or gravel. The pipe is covered with permeable cloth or drain sleeve fabric, topped with gravel and leveled to grade. The design allows excess water to filter into the pipe and efficiently drain away from your home’s foundation.

Grading Drainage Into the Landscape

Often, reworking the grade of a landscape is your best strategy for keeping yards well drained. This type of runoff control includes swales and berms. Swales are small, shallow crescent-shaped inclines with gently sloping sides that direct water away from areas that tend to puddle. Mounded berms reduce and redirect runoff, and they also help control erosion. Grading solutions are easy to incorporate into most residential landscapes. Swales support a variety of attractive ground covers, and raised berms are ideal for plants that need good drainage.

Designing Drainage Solutions and Options

When you watch puddles form around the house during a heavy rain, it’s easy to understand why the Gulf Coast was once prime country for rice farming. We solve foundation problems every day for homeowners all across southeast Texas, so we know firsthand how important it is to protect your home’s base with a reliable foundation drainage system. Over the years, we’ve developed residential drainage solutions for Houston homes that stand up to the challenges of our area’s climate and soil. We offer a range of affordable options, and we tailor our surface and subsurface installations to work with your existing landscape, patios and sidewalks.

With more than 30 years of experience serving the Gulf Coast, we know how to customize our drainage correction services for your Houston home regardless of its construction type, location or age. Our Stabilicore Foundation Repair teams are ready to answer your questions and develop a plan that fits your property and your budget. We can’t change the weather down here, but we can change the way it affects your yard and your home’s foundation. Contact us online or just give us a call today at (281) 259-8647 for a free written estimate.