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Concrete Step Repair

concrete step repair

Step Repair in Houston

Your concrete steps here in Houston puts up with a lot. It sits on expansive soil, takes a pounding from Gulf Coast weather and still manages to host outdoor family fun year-round. When it buckles or becomes sunken, replacing it becomes a big-ticket project, but Stabilicore offers an affordable alternative. We provide concrete step repair for Houston homeowners at a fraction of the cost of traditional techniques.

Concrete Stair Repair That Stabilizes

Traditional concrete stair restorations are expensive and time-consuming. Even if you replace the old cement, you have to address underlying soil problems first before pouring new steps. Our innovative process levels concrete with an injected, polyurethane foam that generates its own hydraulic lift. As the compound cures, it forms a stable base by compacting and strengthening the soil under your steps. The poly foam seals cracks and addresses sinking or buckling across entire spans of concrete, and it’s easily applied to small areas too.

Lifetime Durability in Just Hours

Our high density geopolymer foam cures quickly and levels concrete with a solid base of tensile and compressive strength. Its unique properties deliver permanent support for your cement stairs that you can count on for the lifetime of your home, and we back our work with the best warranty in the business. From start to finish, our concrete step repair process is completed in a just a few hours. You’re assured of restored steps that looks great and stands up to busy foot traffic as soon as repairs are finished.

Benefits That Really Add Up

Our drill-and-inject process is 80 percent faster than traditional concrete stair repairs, and it’s much more affordable. We invite you to compare our costs with estimates for replacing the steps. You’ll find that our services average 75 percent less than what you’d pay for a project that would take several days or weeks to complete. Those savings extend to your landscape too. Our equipment is hand-operated, so you don’t have to worry about trucks on the lawn or heavy machinery disrupting the garden.

Imagine fixing that sunken concrete stairs in just a few hours. Picture the family safely entering and exiting the home. Our teams here at Stabilicore make it happen every day with our concrete step repair services. Houston homeowners have relied on our expertise for more than 30 years, and our estimates are always free. Give us a call at 281-259-8647 or contact us online, and let us restore your step’s good looks for life.


Concrete Step Repair Repair Services In Texas

Stabilicore is headquartered in Magnolia, Texas and serves residential clients throughout the great state of Texas. As a full-service foundation and concrete repair company, we provide professional cement step repair services in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, and all other areas across the state of Texas.